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IMPACT Masters

As a temporary employment agency specialising in technical, construction and office talent, IMPACT helps job-seekers every day to find the right job. This is a huge challenge given the difficulty of finding subject specialists nowadays. Nevertheless, all our employees go all out every day, with total enthusiasm.

Because of this, we know better than anyone how important it is that ambition and perseverance are reflected in everything you do. However, for those who want to excel with their talent, having the willpower and ambition is not enough. Every talent also needs guidance and support so that it can develop to the maximum.

IMPACT now also offers this support to talented young athletes who dream of reaching the top one day. The road to the top is not only demanding mentally and physically, it also requires the necessary financial commitment from parents. Moreover, these young athletes have no guarantee whatsoever that they will eventually succeed in their career.

By offering them financial support, IMPACT wants to offer a number of young Belgian talents the opportunity to realise their ambitions within their own sporting field. Thus, they can enjoy the highest level of sports guidance and they get the chance to take part in national and international tournaments, where they can compete with the best.

At IMPACT, we also hope that our promising sports talents will inspire other young athletes to follow in their footsteps, to discover their own talents and pursue their dreams.

Selected athletes

Currently, the following athletes are receiving financial support from IMPACT:


You could definitely say that Alessio Basile’s love for tennis was kindled at a young age. His father, David Basile, coached pro player Alison Van Uytvanck, and mother Daphne Vande Zande was once in the top 200 of women's tennis. Now Alessio too is working his way up, although his health is sometimes playing tricks on him.

Passionate about tennis

In 2018, Alessio's advance was suddenly interrupted: he underwent two cardiac surgeries due to arrythmias. After a series of treatments, including some in London, he has now largely overcome his heart problems. What about the ambitions and faith of the 15-year-old talent? They remained unaffected.

From Georgia to Kenya

Despite being forced to forfeit several matches, Alessio fought hard to earn his 150th place in Belgium. In the overall junior ranking he even made it into the top 600. He owes this to his good performance at ITF tournaments in Kenya and Georgia, where he made it to the semi-finals three times. In his own country he beat an A-player for the first time.

Just short of an Olympic medal

That's not all: in 2019 Alessio was allowed to participate in the Youth Olympic Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. Coming in fourth place together with his doubles partner he was just short of a medal. The future looks bright and Alessio is aiming high: by 2021 he would like to be playing grand slams, like the Australian Open, as a junior.

It’s a mental game

“Tennis is a mental game. Everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands and backhands.” Alessio fully agrees with the words of Novak Djokovic. Although Alessio already made a lot of progress in endurance, power and speed, the mental aspect is his biggest point of improvement. This young talent works on his tennis dream with great dedication.

Fun facts

  • Biggest idol? Roger Federer
  • Favourite surface? Clay
  • Best shot? Forehand
  • Game style? Offensive

10-year-old Chrystal Lopez – C30/3 ranking – is our youngest IMPACT Master and is in the top 3 of her age category.

How it started

Chrystal's sister and father motivated her to start playing tennis. She was only 3 the first time she held a racket. Her family are her biggest and most loyal supporters. Chrystal has been a member of the Kids' Development Team for a couple of years now. This initiative of the Flemish Tennis federation helps young tennis players between 7 and 12 discover and develop their talent. And talent is something Chrystal has in abundance! Inspired by her tennis idol Rafael Nadal she was season champion of Flemish Brabant last year, played the final of the championship of Flanders and played at the interclub final in the U9/1 category.

Strong winner's mentality

Chrystal has a clear goal: she wants to continue to improve and win as many tournaments as possible. Her strong winner's mentality is her biggest strength. For Chrystal the match isn't over until the last point has been played. In her spare time Chrystal likes to play football or go jogging. She also practises hapkido, a Korean art of self-defence. In other words, this young lady can also stand her ground next to the tennis court. 


When IMPACT started backing Stan Devriese's dream in 2018, the then 17-year-old wheelchair tennis player was aiming for a top 10 spot. But Stan exceeded all expectations and hit himself straight to 3rd place in the world ranking. From 2020 on he will be working his way up to the pros, with, at the back of his mind, the ambition of participating in the Olympics.

Semi-finals at the World Cup

It is an understatement to say that Stan has made huge progress, especially when it comes to technique. This junior travels the world and the successes in tennis keep piling up. His greatest achievement? Making it to the semi-finals at the prestigious tournament of Les Petits As, the wheelchair tennis world championship for juniors. The icing on the cake: ranking in the world’s top 3!

Switch to the pros

From 2020, Stan will be playing with the big boys. He certainly has the talent to shine there as well, but above all Stan wants to take his time and gain enough experience. He realises that there is still a lot of work to do and that is why he started working with a sport mental coach. Stan hopes to enter the top 100 soon and in the long term he would even dare to aim for the top 20.

Olympic dream

But the top 20 is not Stan's only dream. He wants to become a permanent member of Team Belgium for the World Team Cup, the wheelchair tennis World Championship for national teams. Participating in the Paralympic Games of 2020 is too soon, but Paris 2024 pops up in Sam’s mind from time to time. The craving for more is huge. To be continued …

Fun facts

  • Biggest idol? Roger Federer
  • Favorite surface? Hardcourt
  • Best shot? Forehand
  • Game style? Offensive

Stan's story was covered extensively in the Belgian TV show Vandaag over een jaar (A year from today). Watch the entire clip here.

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